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This years Ramps

Gathered ramps today. Every year I post on gathering ramps, but I think I evolve a bit each time. I now only get ramps that are no bigger then my index finger, and no smaller then my pinky. This is because I pickle the bulbs and the best bulbs for canning are that size. I also used a pressure washer to speed up processing a big time saver. I also now value the leaves more then the builds. I make pesto that I add to bread, noodles and hummus. It is one of my all time favorite flavors.

I made 7 cups of pesto, and pickled the bulbs.

Spring Ramps

Went out for late ramps with the neighbor and we got his 4 wheeler stuck in the middle of the woods.. in 2 feet of mud 30 min of digging it out mostly with our hands and arm shovels just got stuck to the mud, up to our knees…. still got the ramps beer for scale.

PS. If you harvest any roots you should get a plastic ceiling grate spray hard with a hose and it will speed up processing. I also recommend a box cutter instead of a knife.

PPS I am the nerd with the bucket I usually have a beard but I was Clark Kent for comic con last week.

Got out for a walk today with the kids. It’s great to see trout lilies both my kids and I love then. We eat the entire plant after we clean them. The leaf has a sweet and somewhat peppery flavor. I usually eat no more then a cup or 2 added to a salad, or the peppery flavor gets over powering. The root is like a mini cucumber and is great. (It is so prolific here you really can pic what you want without worrying about hurting the population.)

This is also a great time to spot ramps for harvesting down the road. This year I transplanted some to my new property. I have transplanted it before. I usually surround them with a few sticks so I can find them if things get over grown. If you translate plant be sure you do not bring Galicia Mustard or any other invasive species with you.

Happy Hunting 🙂