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Spring garden stuff

Today I cleaned and top dressed my garden boxes. The herb box had a bunch of early oregano and sage. The sage had just started to flower so I am a little late. I picked a bunch to dry. Last year I made a solar dehydrator it’s biggest benefit has been hang drying herbs. Saves tons of time! If you saw my dehydrator last year I added a black corrugated plate to increase the temperature. Others than that it stayed the same. It still needs a sunny day to get the job done, but it works faster now.

So I moved in last year an noticed there were grapes growing in with this large bush. As soon as I had time I cut out the bush. The grapes were on an old wire frame and they had already started so I just let them go. Plus I had to finish building my addition so I had no time. Even at that I got enough small grapes from it to make some Jam. This year I am resetting the wires and cutting back the old canes. The new canes look really healthy. I will make it pretty next year, but for now I just hope to get it producing decent fruit again. Yes that is snow in the picture, and yes it is March 31st. Got to love Erie…