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Wood nettles

I went out to pick nettles today.

I found a huge patch of Wood Nettles a couple days ago. They come up earlier then the type of stinging nettle I usually pick. It is so early the jewelweed I use to kill the sting when I mess up is still tiny and a little hard to see. I picked a good bag full of nettle. I ended up blanching and freezing half and drying half for tea. I am going to to make nettle and ramp soup also depending on time try brewing some nettle beer. If you have never had stinging nettle its a spinach substitute maybe a little sweeter and less slimy. Has a ton of medical uses also, but I just got it to eat and use for tea. It’s my favorite herd tea if you add a little lemon and honey.. I also grabbed fiddle heads.


You can use baking soda past on your skin to stop a nettle sting if there is no jewelweed. I think jewelweed works better. Also both only seem to work if you get it fast enough.

Cooking or drying kills the sting, but take care till then.

You can use a burdock leaf as a glove if you forgot yours.

Take young plants 12in and smaller or just the tops.

Check for bugs or spray down, unless you like to eat bugs or need protein 😉

This is a post from last summer, but it relates to the Jewelweed post from a few days ago. It is also a different variety of nettle..

This is Stinging Nettle (a very good edible when young). That little orange thing behind it to the right is a Chanterelle mushroom —you might not see it. I saw it but did not notice the nettle. It got my arm and hand. It burned instantly and I had hives in under a minute. I was in the middle of the woods and thought this might be a good time to see if jewelweed really worked. I thought this because if it did not work I was screwed, and the burning in my arm was similar to multiple bee stings. I a saw a clearing about 200 yards away and took off for it at a run. Sure enough there was a big patch of jewelweed. I grabbed a handful, crushed it, and rubbed it on my arm hard. The relief was almost instantaneous. I was actually more shocked than relieved. I figure I got the jewelweed on it within 5 minutes and the rash was completely gone in 8-10 min., but the itching and burning was stopped within seconds and did not return.