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Honey mushrooms

Todays walk,
Found a bunch of honey mushrooms and one bears head tooth. Oooooh so yummy.

The honey mushroom is the larges living organism on the planet and can literally be a thousands of years old. This mushroom is just the fruit, but the mycelium can cover miles. They also can be bioluminescent, one of a number of mushrooms responsible for fox fire. They are good though not one my favorite, and they need to be well cooked or they can make you sick. Still eating the fruit of a thousand year old organism is cool

Today’s forage Aug 15, 2015

Back home after traveling.
Went out today and picked some chicken of the woods. Also harvested wild elderberries, and marked a ton of black berries. I will come back for the blackberries tomorrow when I have long pants and gloves. I am thinking of making freezer jam, and syrup. Elderberry syrup is one of my all time favorite things. The syrup we make tastes nothing like what you buy in stores. It has a deeper berry flavor and is less sweet. Likely because the berries are wild and we use honey not corn syrup. I do us some sugar, but mostly honey. I will do a post on it next week. My daughter likes it too, so she always helps me process the berries. 😊