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This is a post from last summer, but it relates to the Jewelweed post from a few days ago. It is also a different variety of nettle..

This is Stinging Nettle (a very good edible when young). That little orange thing behind it to the right is a Chanterelle mushroom —you might not see it. I saw it but did not notice the nettle. It got my arm and hand. It burned instantly and I had hives in under a minute. I was in the middle of the woods and thought this might be a good time to see if jewelweed really worked. I thought this because if it did not work I was screwed, and the burning in my arm was similar to multiple bee stings. I a saw a clearing about 200 yards away and took off for it at a run. Sure enough there was a big patch of jewelweed. I grabbed a handful, crushed it, and rubbed it on my arm hard. The relief was almost instantaneous. I was actually more shocked than relieved. I figure I got the jewelweed on it within 5 minutes and the rash was completely gone in 8-10 min., but the itching and burning was stopped within seconds and did not return.

JEWELWEED I got into some poison oak and really had a reaction. So I decided to field test jewel weed on it. I did cortisone on one patch calamine another, and Jewelweed on third. (Not terribly scientific, but there you go) Jewelweed was the only one to work. 24 hours later I said “screw it” and put Jewelweed on all of them. They all stopped itching. I had to re apply once, but that’s it.

1. If you treat it right after contact it cleans the area and knocks out the oil from the Ivy that is on your skin. To use just squish the stalk and rub it on. This work on stinging nettles also knocks it out almost instantly even if the blisters have already formed (I found this out hard way) baking soda also works on nettles.

2. If you only realize your exposure latter on, rubbing it on will not do a dam thing. You need to do a poultice. Cut off a sock or bandage down the crushed stalk this was very affective, and will never use anything else. (I left the poultice on for about 4 hours.)