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Fixing The vine

Grape rescue
When I moved in three years ago there was an ugly bush in the back. As I began to cut it down I noticed there was some wire and posts hiding in the bush. Finally I was able to see that it was the remains of a grape vine. I have four others on the property all different so I wanted to see what this one was. The first year all I did was remove the bush so it produced nothing, but I was able to find some heathy new growth over the winter so I pruned it hard and re strung the wires. The year after that it produced a small crop. The grapes were a concord but I had to leave them on until really late in the season almost to frost or the were not any good. Ended up loosing a lot to rot and fungus during the wait. I pruned it again over winter and finally had a decent vine. Last year again I go only a small crop but the grapes were good. I pruned it again this spring and I would say after three years the vines are back to good production. There are a lot of grapes and they look great I actually had to thin out this year. There are plenty for jelly and grape juice. So really I spent about 10 hours spread out over four years at my leisure to get back a forgotten grape vine. I have been bringing back apple trees and berries bushes for the last four years with varying success, and the locational massive fail, but think the grapes are my favorite.

So I moved in last year an noticed there were grapes growing in with this large bush. As soon as I had time I cut out the bush. The grapes were on an old wire frame and they had already started so I just let them go. Plus I had to finish building my addition so I had no time. Even at that I got enough small grapes from it to make some Jam. This year I am resetting the wires and cutting back the old canes. The new canes look really healthy. I will make it pretty next year, but for now I just hope to get it producing decent fruit again. Yes that is snow in the picture, and yes it is March 31st. Got to love Erie…

Around the yard

Poke berry – Poison but a great dye for cotton or wool yarn.
(I do eat poke in the early spring but it needs special preparation use caution)

Rose hips – Good medicine, great tea for flue or colds, there are a lot of other uses.

Chest nuts are just starting to fall. I have 6 huge trees that are very full. I figure I will get a good 40 or 50 lbs of big nuts, and a bunch of small.

First 2 trees of Apples will be ready next week! Cider, sauce and butter 🙂

Grapes – These survived along with a batch back by the woods.

BTW No sprays.