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Garden Day

In spite of the drizzle yesterday and today are garden days. We cleaned out the beds, added and filled two more beds, mulched and planted. This year my son was old enough to really help out with the heavy lifting, so It went really fast. The news paper cups worked out great and we are about 80% planted. It was a good weekend. I still have to add a fence around the garden a bench and four special beds that are going to fill in all extra space, but the hard parts done…. Well mostly.

Our box gardens are finally in, and planted. The building of the gardens by this weekend was a big goal for me, and I was really happy to see them planted. This is really our first big sqft garden. As such, traditionally this is the year we learn what we are doing wrong, what not to do, and how to royally mess things up. I hope lessons will not be too painful. I think foraging has spoiled me. I am used to just walking out with a bag harvesting what the season provides. This gardening thing is a lot of work.

I Thought I would pull together all the photos of the build.

Finlay set the garden boxes. The kids have been helping rights along, and working together (really, and I did not even bribe them). Hope to have them filled and planted in the next week or so. We are still getting hard frosts so I have a little time. The little tool is a paint can opener pounded down to a hook. It makes short work of binding chicken wire, and they give them free when you buy paint. I chicken wired the bottom of the boxes…. and I found a mushroom.