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Red Cap

Red cup fungus, AKA Elf cup.

This is a new hunting ground for me, and this mushroom is new to me also. In reading up on it the Indians ground it to powder and used it to seal wounds. It’s red, the cup looks like a wound and the inside like blood, so I can believe they would use it it for that. It’s sort of an application of the rule of forms. I read enough to know its safe. So, I will dry some out and give it a side by side the next time I get some appropriate wounds. With how slick and steep the valley walls are here it will not be long.

It is still cold and the snow in the valley has not even melted yet so it came up early. Nice to see some color.

Happy hunting

Reshi tincture

With everyone talking about viruses. I figured I would making up my winter Reshi tincture. This is stage one; adding 100 proof moon shine or vodka to your reshi.
Shake every day or so for 4 weeks. Then strain the mushroom out squeeze it to get all the alcohol out. Take the mushroom and boil hard for 2 hours in quart of water. You are going to add the tea back to your tincture so boil it down till the tea you add back takes you alcohol no lower then 25%, 30%to 35% is the target. None of this is hard so don’t over think it. Cool the tea before you add it back. Wait a couple more weeks and you have it. Take 1/4 shot in the morning and evening for winter aches and pains. It also is supposed to boost your immunity. I take it from December through February and cannot remember ever getting sick, but that’s anecdotal not at all scientific. I take it for aches and pains, and winter melancholy.

Mushroom Pizza

I cooked up the mushrooms from yesterday. Made a flat bread/pizza out of them. Very good but not real pretty.

Chicken of the woods side
Cut up a cup of mushroom sauté with garlic and butter till they dry out a bit.
Put them in a small bowl with butter and a table spoon of honey (or sugar) let rest to re-hydrate.
The sauce should be what ever you makeup for dried ranch, and some olive oil, or you can just use ranch dressing.
Then top with cheddar and mozzarella cheese.

Comb tooth side
Cut up a cup of mushroom sauté with garlic, butter and some ramps.
Sauce should be olive oil and old bay seasoning.
Then to with mozzarella.

Simple Bread (Insert more or less after every statement I don’t measure)
2 cups flour
1 cup water
Table spoon of sugar
1/2table spoon of salt
1/3 cup of oil
Table spoon of yeast (Start the yeast with a pinch of sugar to speed things up)
Mix kneed rise for 20 min role out rise 10 top cook at 425 deg. 40 min

First mushroom walk in a while. I have been disappointed this year by how few came up compared to last. Found a ton of tasty ones this time though, so hopefully thing are turning around. The last pic is a false Oyster mushroom I included because it’s good to know the bad mushrooms too, and I almost never see them. (Chicken, Comb Tooth, Brick Cap, Ringless honey mushrooms, false Oyster mushroom)

Birch polypore (Piptoporus betulinus)
This is a good maybe even one of the best medical mushroom to know. Especially if you you enjoy long hikes.

It is used for all sorts of things. I use it for cuts during hikes. It is kind of like a natural bandaid, but were It shines is in dealing with foot damage, blisters, cuts, cracks and scrapes. It’s rubbery and spongy consistency allows it to work as padding and it is a antiseptic/anti-inflammatory. It cools and gets rid of redness better then anything else I have tried. It is fairly common here, and it is easy to use just cut a sliver (plaster) take off your boots and socks and slid it in. I get moisture crakes all the time and using neosporin on toes just gives me squishy toes, and hurts more then helps. A couple slivers under my toes fixes me right up and feels good too. It seem to speed up healing, and I have been told it stops scarring, but have not used it for that. As far as I am concerned what it does for my feet is more then enough to make it a important mushroom, but it is also used in tea as a tonic, cleanser and immune booster etc.. The Ice man had it on him, and people speculate on what he used it for.