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It was frozen and snowing this morning, but my birthday. so I went fishing. Had over a dozen hookups on egg patterns and a pheasant tail nymph. I actual use only those 2 flies for almost all of steelhead season and usually do real well. Most of the fish looked nice and had god color, but some of them were pretty beat up from spawning. All and all it was a good trip. I kept 2 for the smoker and help a guy get a monster up on to the bank. You could not use a net because it freezes after the first time it gets wet. My boots and line froze up too, and hands. I could use some spring….

So it’s February and it’s 11°F or 2 with wind chill. Time to go fishing. Of the 4 people I saw fishing only one had a shanty, and he had the door opened. If it was December we would all be in shanties with gloves and even heaters, but by February anything north of zero is walking around weather. I sat on a bucket caught a hand full of pan fish and heard some good fish story’s. Nice way to spend a cold day. 🙂