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Chicken feeder

This is my second shot at this feeder the chickens did not like the first one and it was ugly. So here are the lessons learned.

1. Melt the holes in the tub. If you just cut them in the plastic has a tendency to crack. Also too big is ok, too small and the plastic will crack. You can fill the gaps with a little hot glue if the pvc is loose.

2. Cut a 4" 90 in half do not use entire 90 or 2 street 45’s. This assumes your chickens are as picky as myn are.

3. Cut card board to slope the bottom. This is optional but really helps if the feed gets low.

This one works well and cuts down on lost feed dramatically.

Inkle loom

My Wife had me make her an Inkle loom. I got the design from the link below, but built it left handed (by accident). The left handed setup worked well though, turns out it matches the way she sits better. This is her first time weaving, so she is not using her home spun yet. She is having fun with it. I can tell because she has no clue what’s going on around her.


Experiment with 64W basement winter garden in my climate. My climate is really freaken cold, and my basement is really cold.

Anyway, I had leftover wood, foam insulation, and some pallets. So, I decided to mess around, and make a basement vegetable and herb garden. I had to buy a light and 2 survival blankets, 30$ total. The rest was free / recycled. Depending on how it goes I may transition it to a mini aquaponics system. It has about a R6 insulation value on 3 sides top and bottom, plus a reflective Mylar door. The height of the light is adjustable. It is intended to grow lettuce, basle, parsley etc. I will make a nice post if it works out, but figured I would post what I have. Seems to warm up well with just the one light, and seems to have enough light if the door is down.