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Chicken feeder

This is my second shot at this feeder the chickens did not like the first one and it was ugly. So here are the lessons learned.

1. Melt the holes in the tub. If you just cut them in the plastic has a tendency to crack. Also too big is ok, too small and the plastic will crack. You can fill the gaps with a little hot glue if the pvc is loose.

2. Cut a 4" 90 in half do not use entire 90 or 2 street 45’s. This assumes your chickens are as picky as myn are.

3. Cut card board to slope the bottom. This is optional but really helps if the feed gets low.

This one works well and cuts down on lost feed dramatically.

Sun came out. So I checked in on the chickens

Sun came out. So I checked in on the chickens. They were out for a little to see the sun, but it is still too cold. The fashion victim who does not want to pose for the camera is sporting a tail cover my wife made to keep the others from pecking at her.

They are actually laying well we are averaging 8 eggs a day out of 7 chickens. Seems a little strange for this time of year, but this is my first winter with them. My son has adopted the rabbit living under my deck and is “accidentally” spilling feed outside the coop each time he goes to feed the chickens. Good kid

Easter peeps: 2 Road-island reds, 2 Ameraucana, 4 Buff Orpingtons.

The kids love them. I’ve not had them before, and hope they are fun. I have been getting my eggs from family and friends for years. I think the ones you buy in stores taste like fish (not in a good way). I don’t how things are other places, but here you can get eggs from local people with small coops for 2-3 dollars a dozen.