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Wood nettles

I went out to pick nettles today.

I found a huge patch of Wood Nettles a couple days ago. They come up earlier then the type of stinging nettle I usually pick. It is so early the jewelweed I use to kill the sting when I mess up is still tiny and a little hard to see. I picked a good bag full of nettle. I ended up blanching and freezing half and drying half for tea. I am going to to make nettle and ramp soup also depending on time try brewing some nettle beer. If you have never had stinging nettle its a spinach substitute maybe a little sweeter and less slimy. Has a ton of medical uses also, but I just got it to eat and use for tea. It’s my favorite herd tea if you add a little lemon and honey.. I also grabbed fiddle heads.


You can use baking soda past on your skin to stop a nettle sting if there is no jewelweed. I think jewelweed works better. Also both only seem to work if you get it fast enough.

Cooking or drying kills the sting, but take care till then.

You can use a burdock leaf as a glove if you forgot yours.

Take young plants 12in and smaller or just the tops.

Check for bugs or spray down, unless you like to eat bugs or need protein 😉

Supported spindles

It’s winter and I can’t forage, so I am learning to turn supported spindles. It’s really fun. I modified a broken metal turning lathe and have been practicing on pine because it’s soft and easy. My Wife spins all the time. We have been making and modifying spindles of different types all summer, but the pine spindles are really my first try at making nice spindles. I am switching to chestnut and maple (from the woods) now that I have better idea how to shape them. I hope to have some really cool ones made by the end of winter.

The last picture shows most of spindles including the ones made by the kids and a tree of Gondor one, I made with the 3D printer. The kids are spinning too. Maybe I should learn how to do that next. 😊