After talking about building one forever. I went looking for stuff to build a rocket stove out of, to evaporate down the maple sap. Turns out we just did a demo at work and had a tone of leftover stainless 316 venting so the stove part was easy (Actually it was too easy 😪 no welding fun for me) I just need to add a more secure base and a grate to the top, that might be fun. I also will add an air shelf to control the draft an turn down the heat. I spent the evening experimenting with it as is.

2 palette slats (pine) and a stick burned crazy hot for about 25 min. They did not go out for an hour, but I figure I would add a slat every 25 to 30 min. if I was boiling, less to steam off. So the math would be about 12 to 14 hours of burn per palette. Using just the slats. Though my palettes are 48×48. With the amount of heat I got I may start cooking my beer wart outside too.

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