My 10yr daughter making her own spindle. It is the second one she has turned. The first one broke off early (It was my design). The one in the picture is her design. She had a lot of fun drawing it and turning it. She did this one two weeks ago and has spun some wool with it. It worked but was “not great, ok but not great”. Now she has a new design based on what didn’t work for her about the last one….

After talking about building one forever. I went looking for stuff to build a rocket stove out of, to evaporate down the maple sap. Turns out we just did a demo at work and had a tone of leftover stainless 316 venting so the stove part was easy (Actually it was too easy ๐Ÿ˜ช no welding fun for me) I just need to add a more secure base and a grate to the top, that might be fun. I also will add an air shelf to control the draft an turn down the heat. I spent the evening experimenting with it as is.

2 palette slats (pine) and a stick burned crazy hot for about 25 min. They did not go out for an hour, but I figure I would add a slat every 25 to 30 min. if I was boiling, less to steam off. So the math would be about 12 to 14 hours of burn per palette. Using just the slats. Though my palettes are 48×48. With the amount of heat I got I may start cooking my beer wart outside too.