Burying the fig tree

One of my friends gave me 2 fig tree cuttings. They are cut from a mother fig tree growing in down town Erie. Understand Fig trees do not grow in Erie. It’s way too cold. I had never even had a fresh fig till he brought me one from the tree growing in the back yard of his future in-laws. Well possible future In-laws..he is dating their daughter, and she is Italian so if he is lucky….. Anyway, I have had my trees for about half a season and they already are producing Figs. Unfortunately the figs did not get a chance to mature before it got cold so I brought them in, but next year I should get a harvest. I wish I had taken some nicer pictures of them, but they are already put away in the garage for the winter. So it turns out they really can’t put the mother tree in the garage it’s just to big So, of course, they bury it in the garden each winter and resurrect it in the summer. Really you just can’t get around the overwhelming symbolic coolness of that. Now add to that they use cuttings to make new fig trees each year and give them away. You have a perfect example of what I love most about gardening, orchards, and foraging. It connects you to the earth then gives the chance to share out your abundance with others. My Papap and grandma had a garden as big as their yard could handle, and what I remember about it most is them sharing with neighbors and family. My friend was nice enough it take these pictures of them burying it this year.

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