This summer has been very challenging at work. I’ve had to work a lot of overtime and I have not really had enough time to deal with the yard the garden and everything else. So everything is completely overgrown and falling down. On the upside I will have plenty of apples and pears and this fall I can prune back the trees hard to get rid of the damage branches. On the down side I am likely to have to freeze or dehydrate most of it. I do not have the time to process it. I always seem to be busy at work when it’s time to harvest. Here are som pictures of the damage. .. Oh, and yes my daughters are wearing roller blades in the orchard. I don’t know why. I try not to ask, it’s probably best that I don’t know. I made some grape jam today and worked on the computer for about 12 hours. Time for a drink. Cheers

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