This looked a great deal smaller from my bedroom, but i’m glad i got such a huge whole specimen for some reference, the apartment yard crew often runs these over before they get more than thumb sized. If anyone had preserving tips, let me know?

I tried a quick search but didn’t find much. Looks like most people dry or freeze, but that’s assuming consumption. Some also pickle. Did see a suggestion for a non-edible to try casting it in resin. It looks like museums used to just dry them, but now they work with DNA samples. There’s also the traditional denatured ethanol or diluted formaldehyde. Personally I’d take a ton of photos in the meantime – it may be difficult to preserve the stunning colors.

I know there’s some mushroom/foraging folks here on tumblr, perhaps they’ll have good info. fungusqueen mushroomsareawesome erieforage mymushroomfinds ?

I have not had good luck preserving Cesar’s. I sauté and freeze. I view them as a a meal of opportunity and only take what I want to eat. I would love to know how other people preserve them. BTW I am not saying that’s a Cesar’s it just looks like one to me from the pic.

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