Today I went fly fishing down Elk Creek and caught a good number of small trout, but nothing I wanted to keep, and I got side tracked by all the mushrooms on the banks of the river. Every time I looked over I saw another one. A ton of big chanterelles, a really nice bunch of Orange Milkys (lactarius hygrophoroides) some others too. I had only gone a half mile thou before people started to show up in rafts floating the river. I had fun talking to them, but they scared the fish. I can’t wait to head down again some morning after a good rain. Get fish and mushrooms in one trip!

I should note that I seldom pick any lactarius. Most of them need slow cooked and lend themselves to foods I do not make often. Also, I was after trout because sumac is ripe and goes perfectly with trout it adds just the right amount of lemon flavor.

Happy Hunting

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