After seeing your tremendous hauls of mushrooms, I am curious; how do you transport your mushrooms home safely? Some of them are so large, and I assume you wouldn’t want them crumbling up or getting squished.

Actually I’m usually not that careful. I should be, but I don’t sell them so I tend to just do bags. If I know I’m going out for volume I take a wicker basket and paper bags or wax paper to separate. If I have to do a lot of vertical climbs, drop offs, valley walls etc. I use my computer back pack with cardboard boxes put in it to keep from squishing things and wax paper. Most of the time I use paper bags and one of those fiber mesh bags used with oranges to hold them. I strap it to my belt or put it over my shoulder. I usually take just a pound or two of mushrooms on a walk, just enough for snacks or pasta or to stock the medicine shelf and that fits. I think most people go for baskets, but I don’t stay on trails and usually need the extra hand.
Happy hunting

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