Could you post the recipe for dandelion wine? Thanks! I love your blog!!

Sure, I changed it anyway. This recipe assumes you know how to make basic wild wines as far as procedures and equipment etc.

For a gallon (just double or triple if you want more. No need to add more Yeast or another Campden tablet)
7 cups petals no greens
1/2pt white grape concentrate
2 lbs sugar (or one of sugar one of honey)
3 tsp acid blend
¼ tsp tannin
½ tsp energizer
1 Campden tablet crushed
1 packet champagne yeast
Wash pedals in cold water drain. Add all ingredients except the yeast to a gal of hot water. Mix and let stand 24 hours. Add yeast and in 7 days rack removing the petals. Let go another 2 months (4 months if you use honey) bottle up.

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