What do u do with the plants once they’re dehydrated? Do you make tea? Sorry I don’t kno much about all this stuff. You are so knowledgeable though! How did u start?

Depends on the plant. Breads, quick breads and soups really get a lot out of dried plants and herbs. You can add them to bread after the first rise. Dried ramp leaves and garlic with dried tomatoes is one of my favorites. I also make rubs for beef poultry and fish. We infuse oils too, for dipping frying and glazing. Tea is definitely a big one though. With the 3 kids and my wife we drink a lot as tea. I love nettle tea with lemon, and fresh camomile tea, and elderflower and I could go on for a while… Dried fruit is a great thing to do with not so great apples and pears. Some of my apple trees produce apples that are not very good out of hand, (too tart) but dried the kids eat them faster then I can produce them. Though with the big dehydrator I might have a chance. Dried apples are also good as a substitute for fresh in fried apples and onions. I also dry mushrooms for preserving, most rehydrate well. If you want to start for free you can oven dry fruit usually 125 to 200 Deg, or just hang herbs to dry depending on your climate. A cheep dehydrator would be about 30$ U.S. and is well worth it if it gets use.

Hope you give it a try.

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