Quick tip for hiking brush

If you are going through a lot of brush and get cut up rub down exposed skin with rubbing alcohol when you get back. Yes it will sting but most of you have tattoos, so suck it up. A ton plants use chemical and bacterial warfare a quick rub down will stop itching, swelling dissolve oils and kill infection. If you think you have nettle burns use baking soda or peroxide. This is a simple thing that will save you from a lot of rashes and pain.

Fishing for mushrooms

Today I went fly fishing down Elk Creek and caught a good number of small trout, but nothing I wanted to keep, and I got side tracked by all the mushrooms on the banks of the river. Every time I looked over I saw another one. A ton of big chanterelles, a really nice bunch of Orange Milkys (lactarius hygrophoroides) some others too. I had only gone a half mile thou before people started to show up in rafts floating the river. I had fun talking to them, but they scared the fish. I can’t wait to head down again some morning after a good rain. Get fish and mushrooms in one trip!

I should note that I seldom pick any lactarius. Most of them need slow cooked and lend themselves to foods I do not make often. Also, I was after trout because sumac is ripe and goes perfectly with trout it adds just the right amount of lemon flavor.

Happy Hunting