Mothers Day

Today was Mother’s Day so we picked and processed 21 cups of Dandelion petals for wine (will make about 3 US gallons of wine) . At this point it’s kind of a tradition. We’ve been doing it every Mother’s Day for four years. We messed up the last 2 batches though so we were extra careful this year. No green at all and everything ready to mix before we started picking. Hopefully today’s wine will be like the first couple batches we did. They were amazingly good and well worth the work in processing. Everyone has there own method for processing petals but I like to pinch and twist the end off between my thumb and finger. It goes fast and keeps the green out. Even at that it can take a few hours to process that many petals. Still it’s a relaxing way to spend an afternoon.

BTW I have listed my recipe in previous posts.
Happy Mother’s Day

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