Garlic mustard removal.

I spent some time removing garlic mustard from the woods around my house today. It is an invasive species and will completely takeover if left alone. You can eat the leaves when young and they are good in moderation. They have slight garlic spice to them and add kick to the salad. Also the root can be processed like horseradish but is not as good as real horse radish. The seeds will make a mustard. I made a small amount of it a few years back, and it was not bad. Problem is you need a lot of seeds and on top of that its a mistake to let it grow to the point of seeding. I had gotten seeds hiking a new woods late in the season. Over all I hate garlic mustard. Typically I pull it when I see it. Then burn it, or bag it, but I just found out you can feed the leaves to your chickens, and they love it. So I might start stripping the leaves for the chickens before I get rid of it.

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