Went out for ramps and nettles but tried a new area and struck out. I did find a couple other early spring edibles.

Purple trillium – A lot of people eat the leaves as a spinach substitute. I prefer nettles and never pick trillium. Mostly because I think they are beautiful, but also because they are not terribly abundant they might even be protected. Regardless I just like looking at them. I guess I should also add that they were a common traditional birth tonic. Like most herbal medicines, color conditions and preparation really effect dosage. I would love to learn more about discerning the potency of herbs…

Marsh marigold – I know a lot of people who love these as a spinach substitute. I do not, again I prefer nettles. You have to boil and rinse these several times to prep them. I’m too lazy. They are also a traditional medicinal, a tincture was used for anemia and a handful of other ailments. I am skeptical of the medical uses on this one, but they are a really abundant early green and if I was living 100 years ago they would have been a life saver.

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