Today we made up a bunch of of seed cups, it was snowing outside and we are stuck in the house again. I drew up and printed out these seed cup makers a week ago. This was their big test they work great. I made about a hundred and fifty cups it took me 10 to get the system down so they looked good. The cup makers cost about a dollar in material to print. I had economy of material in mind when I made them. I am trying putting together a rig to recycle ABS and other plastics direct to filament, but for now I have to buy rolls. The black plastic troth I thought I would show off also. It is a watering rig for the chickens. It has a removable strainer and attaches to 2 liter bottles. I will take pictures of it once I get it setup. If it ever decides to get above freezing.

I do not “Prep” but if I did, printers would be at the top of my list. Things are made to throw away anymore. They have crapy little plastic parts that can’t be replaced easily without a 3d printer. I have not had one for long but It gets almost constant use. They are simple machines but a bit finicky. If your not mechanically inclined you might want to avoid them for a few more years.

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