Bear’s Head Tooth Mushroom


Bear’s Head Tooth Mushroom – Hericium americanum
It tastes like lobster or crab if prepared in butter, but can be bitter if old. It is also a great medical mushroom sort of a mental stimulant. It grows on living and dead deciduous trees. It can grow quite high in the tree. So you may have to climb to get one. Happy Hunting

@burningbayleaves – Also called Lions Mane. It is a good beginners mushroom. No deadly look a likes, no gills, etc. Cut close to the tree as you can but do not get the wood, and do not rip them off. It varies in appearance greatly so do your research before you try it. The above are all Hericium but not all Hericium americanum. Both are edible and yummy though. I find a lot of them. Happy Hunting

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