Winter notes:
I moved into my new house late in the season, and had no time to bring in wood. I decided to try compressed wood bricks. They have really worked well. They burn slower then lumber and leave almost no ash. They light easy and fast. I figure a ton of bricks equates to about 1 3/4 cord the way we are burning. Right now I have a bout 3.5 tones out in the garage. I think that will bring me through the winter. I got it delivered at $210 a ton. I will still bring in wood if I can get it free, but I think I am going to buy at least 2 tons of bricks each winter.

Cooool. Never heard of these wood bricks before. You think they recycle scrap wood to make this? Can I ask where you got these?

HERE is info on them. And yeah, its basically compressed wood waste. They seem to be based around Philidelphia with a couple oddball outlets in New York and Florida. Ace seems to be a bit source of them in the area. You can look up bulk retailers HERE and from what I am seeing $175 per half tone is average.

Just an update we bought them again this year and they are working out great. They were not from a big box store and they were 200$ a ton. This time I had to pick them up myself.

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