Experiment with 64W basement winter garden in my climate. My climate is really freaken cold, and my basement is really cold.

Anyway, I had leftover wood, foam insulation, and some pallets. So, I decided to mess around, and make a basement vegetable and herb garden. I had to buy a light and 2 survival blankets, 30$ total. The rest was free / recycled. Depending on how it goes I may transition it to a mini aquaponics system. It has about a R6 insulation value on 3 sides top and bottom, plus a reflective Mylar door. The height of the light is adjustable. It is intended to grow lettuce, basle, parsley etc. I will make a nice post if it works out, but figured I would post what I have. Seems to warm up well with just the one light, and seems to have enough light if the door is down.

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