Silly question – how do you set up heating the a coop? Winters are pretty cold in our neck of the woods, and I’m wondering what’s involved in caring for chickens through the colder seasons. Thanks!

Not silly at all. They are cold tolerant birds and the coop is small, but it has to be ventilated, so it gets cold. I went with a heat lamp. The red light you see in the christmas lighting picture is the heat lamp. It’s mounted high in the coop with a guard and set up on a Christmas light timer. I can change the timing but I try to light it often enough that the water does not freeze and the coop stays nice and dry. I was told to use a red light so as not to over stimulate the chickens. If it’s around 10 degrees the light runs every 2 hours for 30 min, but at freezing it really only runs about 3 hours a day.

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