Programming Nature


I was reading an article again: “How Information Theory Could Hold the Key to Quantifying Nature,” and stewing on this thought I’ve been having ever since I started learning about things like biomimicry technologies and permaculture; basically, I’ve been thinking about the planet as this…

Don’t know the word but the question of livability for what/who made me think. Do we shoot for an environment that is optimal for human flourishing, and what does that look like. Is it a city, small town, the wild. Plants and animals have seemed to adapt or evolve to thrive in almost all environments. Some plants, animals and fungus even thrive in disaster. Forest fires bring up amazing microbial life in an almost magical way. I think one of the beautiful things about humans is that we exist across so many environments, and I am captivated and inspired by the way all those environments shape our physicality, ideas, and behaviors. I love watching us cultivate and grow the ground we have. For myself I think there is a huge tension between responsible living, cultivation and intentional manipulation of the environment. I am glad I am not in-charge.

Programming Nature

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