Entire family is working on garden boxes. Doing six 4’x4’ and on one 10’x2’ (for three sisters planting). Using up the scrap off the rafters from last years addition. The extended feet are just help anchor them down. I am lining the wood because it is untreated pine. The last one I built lasted 10 years and was still not rotten. I just took it out to help sell my house. Also putting down chicken wire to keep the critter from borrowing up into them. I will post more pics later but having so much fun building them thought I would post some now. Again more practical then pretty. (I have 5 done so far)

I was just wondering, any particular reason you staggered the joints at the corners instead of flushing the boards uniformly? Does this create more stability or is this for aesthetics?

I am going to trim out the top, when I finish my coop and a couple other things. Once the top trim is on I will put in 3/8” corner rods for strength. Probably overkill, but I have the rod and drill bit left over from another project.

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