Inky caps (Coprinus micaceus) jumped up yesterday. I am having them for breakfast today and some tomorrow. They are a good mushroom for omelets or just cooked up on some toast. You will not find them in store because the decompose into black mush with-in a couple hours of harvest. Because they have poison look-a-likes they are not a beginners mushroom but they are close to one and can be learned with relative ease. In this area they are one of the fist mushrooms of spring….

I wrote the above last night. This morning and went out to pick some. I cooked them up in butter with a little salt and pepper, and put them in a bowl for use in an omelet. 15 minutes later I walked back up into the yard again to find more because I had eaten all of them while trying to help the kids make mothers day breakfast. They taste way more awesome then I remembered.

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