Got out for a walk today with the kids. It’s great to see trout lilies both my kids and I love then. We eat the entire plant after we clean them. The leaf has a sweet and somewhat peppery flavor. I usually eat no more then a cup or 2 added to a salad, or the peppery flavor gets over powering. The root is like a mini cucumber and is great. (It is so prolific here you really can pic what you want without worrying about hurting the population.)

This is also a great time to spot ramps for harvesting down the road. This year I transplanted some to my new property. I have transplanted it before. I usually surround them with a few sticks so I can find them if things get over grown. If you translate plant be sure you do not bring Galicia Mustard or any other invasive species with you.

Happy Hunting 🙂

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