Finlay set the garden boxes. The kids have been helping rights along, and working together (really, and I did not even bribe them). Hope to have them filled and planted in the next week or so. We are still getting hard frosts so I have a little time. The little tool is a paint can opener pounded down to a hook. It makes short work of binding chicken wire, and they give them free when you buy paint. I chicken wired the bottom of the boxes…. and I found a mushroom.

Easter peeps: 2 Road-island reds, 2 Ameraucana, 4 Buff Orpingtons.

The kids love them. I’ve not had them before, and hope they are fun. I have been getting my eggs from family and friends for years. I think the ones you buy in stores taste like fish (not in a good way). I don’t how things are other places, but here you can get eggs from local people with small coops for 2-3 dollars a dozen.

you know those compressed wood log you used this winter. Would they happen to provide the wood type or is it all mixed? I was wondering if the blocks might do well to colonize mushrooms.

Great thought, They just say hardwood. But I think that’s a great idea. I have some bricks that got wet and sort of expanded I will go ahead and inoculate them and see what happens. I am ordering 3 varieties of plugs from smudgetown. I will post the results.

Entire family is working on garden boxes. Doing six 4’x4’ and on one 10’x2’ (for three sisters planting). Using up the scrap off the rafters from last years addition. The extended feet are just help anchor them down. I am lining the wood because it is untreated pine. The last one I built lasted 10 years and was still not rotten. I just took it out to help sell my house. Also putting down chicken wire to keep the critter from borrowing up into them. I will post more pics later but having so much fun building them thought I would post some now. Again more practical then pretty. (I have 5 done so far)

Got out for a walk today with the kids. It’s great to see trout lilies both my kids and I love then. We eat the entire plant after we clean them. The leaf has a sweet and somewhat peppery flavor. I usually eat no more then a cup or 2 added to a salad, or the peppery flavor gets over powering. The root is like a mini cucumber and is great. (It is so prolific here you really can pic what you want without worrying about hurting the population.)

This is also a great time to spot ramps for harvesting down the road. This year I transplanted some to my new property. I have transplanted it before. I usually surround them with a few sticks so I can find them if things get over grown. If you translate plant be sure you do not bring Galicia Mustard or any other invasive species with you.

Happy Hunting 🙂

So I moved in last year an noticed there were grapes growing in with this large bush. As soon as I had time I cut out the bush. The grapes were on an old wire frame and they had already started so I just let them go. Plus I had to finish building my addition so I had no time. Even at that I got enough small grapes from it to make some Jam. This year I am resetting the wires and cutting back the old canes. The new canes look really healthy. I will make it pretty next year, but for now I just hope to get it producing decent fruit again. Yes that is snow in the picture, and yes it is March 31st. Got to love Erie…