My daughter and I tried it out. A 1/4” sliver off the mushroom she has in the picture lasted about 1 mile or 15 min, so 3 mushrooms will move a spark for about a day; however it catches a spark so easily, I would just star new at each camp sight. It does not work if the mushroom is wet or too moist, dead black rotting ones work best. It also would be a great hand warmer on winter.

It’s freezing again so I did an experiment. First, I lit a dried out mushroom with flint and steel. It literally took the first spark that hit it. Second, I used a small mushroom about 2 inches as a hand warmer. It was amazing. I will do it again and take some pictures, but it lasted about 2 hours and I could put it down in the snow do some work and com back to it without a problem.



Winter notes:
I moved into my new house late in the season, and had no time to bring in wood. I decided to try compressed wood bricks. They have really worked well. They burn slower then lumber and leave almost no ash. They light easy and fast. I figure a ton of bricks equates to about 1 3/4 cord the way we are burning. Right now I have a bout 3.5 tones out in the garage. I think that will bring me through the winter. I got it delivered at $210 a ton. I will still bring in wood if I can get it free, but I think I am going to buy at least 2 tons of bricks each winter.

Cooool. Never heard of these wood bricks before. You think they recycle scrap wood to make this? Can I ask where you got these?

Yes, Leftovers from sawmills in Ohio (EZ-bricks). Also no additives or binders, 100% pressed hardwood. If they gets wet at all they fall completely apart, but that has not been a problem. I plan to buy or make a press. I can get wood chips and sawdust free locally.

So it’s February and it’s 11°F or 2 with wind chill. Time to go fishing. Of the 4 people I saw fishing only one had a shanty, and he had the door opened. If it was December we would all be in shanties with gloves and even heaters, but by February anything north of zero is walking around weather. I sat on a bucket caught a hand full of pan fish and heard some good fish story’s. Nice way to spend a cold day. 🙂