About children:
I got asked about my kids. I have seldom posted anything about my children, but they are my favorite foraging partners. If you have children, nieces, nephews etc. I would encourage you to take them with you whenever they are willing to go. When they come with me they find twice as many things as I do, have twice the fun. My daughter in particular knows most mushrooms and a ton of medical and forgeable plants. My children are not permitted to eat mushrooms other than hen of the woods, and chicken of the woods. They do however eat tons of wild fruits and plans. They love trout lyles and have a supernatural ability to find, pick, and eat berries, often before I can get any. We homeschool so the walks get used in science class off and on too. I think teaching your kids about nature is one of the best lessons you can give them…. Happy hunting

PS We use a eclectic classical education model. Math Writing Music Latin and heavy dose of Science. We teach everything else but those are what we emphasize. My wife teaches spelling and English because I an an engineer 🙂

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