Oysters mushrooms – (a group more then a specific mushroom) They bloom on and off year round, even during warm ups in the winter. They grow on dead and dying deciduous trees. Unlike some store bought varieties the the ones shown here are often delicate, and vary greatly in taste, even among those of similar appearance. Here in Erie we can get a almond/anise oder and flavor that can be almost over whelming. The Heath benefits of oyster mushrooms are well documented, and like all mushrooms that grow in the sun light they have vitamin D. They dry and rehydrate well. They were the first wild mushrooms I learned, and I love them more every year. Happy hunting

Vegans looking for none animal vitamin D should read about growing mushrooms in the sun, and sun drying mushrooms. Most store bought mushrooms are grown inside or in the dark, but some growers enhance their mushrooms with ultraviolet light.

PS. Do not learn mushrooms from the internet. White gilled mushrooms can kill you in nasty ways.

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