Edible Fungi Interview with Jon (erieforage)

How did you get into foraging for mushrooms?

I began foraging about 4 years ago, I was going to sell my house and decided not to grow a garden. I still wanted fresh food so I decided to go ahead and do some general foraging. About mid summer I ran out of things look for. My uncle mentioned he did a little mushroom hunting. So I did some research and started looking. The first thing I found was huge bloom of oysters. They smelled so strongly of anise that I knew I had the ID. Right then I fell in love. I was amazed that I had never seen them before. They were giant white and came in my favorite flavor. To this day I amazed by the color and variety of forms and favors that makeup the kingdom of mushrooms.

What is your most fond foraging experience?

My favorite experience mushrooming was when I cut through a boggy area that opened into a very old conifer forest. The trees seemed to touch the sky and the mushrooms were almost too large to be real. I stopped hiking and hung out there for a couple hours. I have gone back several times senesce that day and and it has never lost its magic.

What is your favourite mushroom?

My favorite is Hen of the Woods, Parasol mushrooms are a close second, but I allow my kids to eat Hens, and that’s a big plus.

Is there a mushroom you are really wanting to find?

I have never fond a Horn of Plenty. Though I have looked for years. At this point going out is kind of like shopping. I know where to look, and when, to get the mushrooms I want, but I have no idea where to look for the horns. I think they may be hiding from me.

(Photo is of Painted Suillus mushrooms.)


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