Hey I noticed on your third to the newest post that you identified those as sulfur tufts. But in fact I think those are brick caps. Which are in fact edible and I eat them all the time and they’re delicious. Hyphloma sublateranium? If I’m right Sulphur tufts never have the reddish caps. Nice blog. We’re pretty close to one another hopefully we can run around the woods together sometime. Mush love Olga

I think your right. Some of my info seems to error on the side of caution. I had people tell me flat out not to eat what turned out to be a great fruiting of Cesar’s mushroom just a couple months ago. I should probably just comment on what I find yummy… Defiantly let’s go hunt next season. I am building my house at the moment and need to get it done by winter, but I’ve wanted to check out lenchworth or north allegany for while now. Happy hunting, Jon

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