JEWELWEED I got into some poison oak and really had a reaction. So I decided to field test jewel weed on it. I did cortisone on one patch calamine another, and Jewelweed on third. (Not terribly scientific, but there you go) Jewelweed was the only one to work. 24 hours later I said “screw it” and put Jewelweed on all of them. They all stopped itching. I had to re apply once, but that’s it.

1. If you treat it right after contact it cleans the area and knocks out the oil from the Ivy that is on your skin. To use just squish the stalk and rub it on. This work on stinging nettles also knocks it out almost instantly even if the blisters have already formed (I found this out hard way) baking soda also works on nettles.

2. If you only realize your exposure latter on, rubbing it on will not do a dam thing. You need to do a poultice. Cut off a sock or bandage down the crushed stalk this was very affective, and will never use anything else. (I left the poultice on for about 4 hours.)

I love ur pictures of foraged mushrooms. I hope to learn more about edible ones though. Could u suggest other blogs or tumblr account so i could fill my tl with mushroom reads n photos? Thanks!

Thanks …On tunblr; Mushroomformyfriends, fungipunk, Any-spaniel goodfoodandwhatnot whateveryouloveyouare often give descriptions but there are a lot more. akibooboo imaprettyfungi and mycology repost mushrooms from all over, but if you can find a site that does pics from were you are for me its Happy hunting:)

Today’s walk .. I included some May apples but they are not ripe. They sort of wrinkle when they are rip and get more yellow. Right now they are poisonous but they are still cool. When ripe they taste like really sweet apple sauce, but better. To be clear they are poison and very dangerous and even when ripe the seeds and rind are toxic. All that said I like them and hope to find few rip ones. I hear you can ripen them in sawdust but have never don it. ( I think the top mushrooms are Collybia dryophila)